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Our Workshop

Here you can find a few pictures of our workshop, lab equipment and testing tools. And we have quite interesting ones here… For example, our Griffin turntable, used primarily for tonearm tests, features two stationary towers for tonearms and one spare place, where either tower for the third tonearm or motor can be mounted. Motor is mounted when we are carrying motor tests, i.e. validating motor speed etc.

We also built a device for tonearm armtube sound properties test. Everyone knows, or might guess, that wooden arm sounds better than one made of metal, but how to prove it? So, to check if wood is really better than a metal, also to compare wood with other materials (e.g. fiberglass) and different wood kinds itself, we made a quite simple yet interesting device. Its working principles will be described further in an article devoted to armtube material tests.


Reed workshop Griffin turntable

Griffin turntable, used for tonearm tests


Reed workshop Griffin turntable

Griffin turntable with three tonearms mounted


Reed workshop: testing armtube sound properties

Tool for testing armtube sound properties


Reed workshop armtube producion

Making tonearm: armtube production


Reed 3Q tonearm working principle